Self-Defense is a human right not a privileged.


I'm a Veteran, Dad, Husband & Equality giver

Because I can

I provided a contempory source for at home firearm manufactures Cool huh? Enough teasing around..

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I will like to thank you for coming by and taking a look at my creation, it may not be flashy and 👀 catching but it get's the job done. If you have criticism on the merits or any faults in this website or myself, with all due respect please spread your thoughts about it either in a email to me or post on your social media account so I can get some more attention for my personal campaign of equality for all in the realm of self-preservation. It is no longer for only the privileged to feel safe or have the option of attaining a tool efficent enough to make anyone no matter stature or disability to be equal in a defensive situation when attacked or threatened with great bodily harm.

Some say "De-fund the POLICE", well then I guess it's up to the people to defend themselves. Here at we've answered the call from my fellow citizens and provided a central location to gather all the information required to put self-preservation back into youtr hands.  

If you still have the urge and need to correspond with me regarding a compliment or complaint as well as buisness/media or elected officials please take the time and email me at the below address. All I ask is your correspondence with us to be respectful or it will be returned in kind.



Without firearm access, we would all be victims.

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